The Girl And The Flowers

DSC_3237 kopieraAn attempt to being slightly more dramatic in the post processing…




Extraordinary… (Lady, Garden, Taste, Car, House…)


The other week I did something out of the ordinary and well out of my comfort zone… I had left my car at the meachnics and took a walk in the neighbourhood while waiting. On my walk I passed an extraordinary house, surrounded by an extraordinary garden… I passed by, amazed by the sight, returned and gazed some more…


First Impressions that last

I phoned Maths and asked him to google the adress to see if there was any home page that could provide some more information around this extraordinary house, but there was none to be found. I passed by a third time and I felt I had to get in contact with the owner to have a closer look and to potentially shoot some photos.

Next day I dropped a letter in the mail box and left my contact details (out of my comfort zone) – I was very happy when Päivi phoned back and invited me and Maths to her extraordinary place…!

Such beautiful colours… and applied very consistently

Taste, details… and loads of humour…! I just love the place!

Soon there will be plenty of water  to bathe in for the lady in bikini…

By the house wall


These photos from 1 May are manipulated in Photoshop in an attempt to somewhat match Päivi’s creativity… I hope you enjoy them – we had a great time and we hope to be invited again when all the flowers are in bloom…!

Waiting to come alive after the winter

Coffee served in the gazebo (lusthus)

Twenty years of planning, replanning and searching for the right stuff… What an energy! Impressive!

Bodies, bodies…

Mixture of materials




Want to see even more photos from this spectacular place? Then have a look at those by Maths!